Pura Vida Physiotheray Clinic

Puravida Physiotherapy approached us with a website re-design project that suited their business personality and allowed for DIY updates. Salkreation provided a quick turnaround with creative to match their holistic image and a introductory video. Since the business relies heavily of referrals and Deals, Salkreation designed an easy to manage Testimonial section and Offers & Deals Management [...]

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Gottadance Studio

An 'Award Winning' studio, located in Toronto, Gotta Dance, in its 10th year of operation  was looking at upgrading and adding a refreshing look to their website. The brief was to create a  public website that extended their brand identity online. We created a website that stayed true to its brand image while displaying the [...]

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Coldwell Banker Commercial – Realty Listing Site

Coldwell Banker Commercial (CBC) wanted a property listing website. The aim was to provide comprehensive detail about their listed property to potential buyers and leverage the brand equity of CBC, a reputed commercial realtor. We followed their brand guidelines to create a listing website solution with a virtual tour video, downloadable floor and property plans, [...]

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Sleepline Canada, an established furniture business wanted an online presence which showcased their product line. We designed and developed an easy to manage ( DIY ) website specially customized for retail furniture business and a user friendly interface for their customers. Now Sleepline Canada can update new products and add new categories on an ongoing [...]

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Onstage Designs

Onstage Designs is an interior design and consulting firm which provides innovative interior design solutions for commercial premises using the principles of Feng-shui. Onstage Desgins wanted to re-brand their business to reflect this creative attitude in their Logo and website. Salkreation designed the Logo symbolic of directions, colors and open space and put together a [...]

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Icanact Acting Studio

New and upcoming Bollywood acting institute, ICANACT wanted us to create an impact for the launch of their Bollywood acting school in GTA. We worked on video testimonials highlighting their USP. The site uses a friendly and hip color pallet with a bollywood feel while the layout conveys action driven, professional attitude. We helped successfully launch Icanact though a [...]

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Sanskriti Arts

Established Bollywood dance school, Sanskriti arts, asked us to design their website and branding as they opened up new programs across GTA. The institute is based on a holistic, body and soul discipline, we decided to go with a similar vibe. We implemented an online video integrated CMS that allowed them to display their work [...]

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Amalya Global

Amalya Global provides outdoor shelters and furniture to local governments, private developers and outdoor Media companies. Salkreation designed & developed a brand look consistent with their ideology while keeping their target audience in mind. This site provide easy reading and navigation is designed for a maximum of two clicks. Visit Website [learn_more caption="Applied Services"] Custom [...]

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Squareone Physiotherapy

Square one physiotherapy, a new and upcoming physiotherapy clinic, required a website along with a brand identity solution. Salkreation designed a logo that combined a square, representing their convenient location, along with the human spine to create a high recall brand identity and a contemporary website for them which suggests they are a physio clinic [...]

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Asia Fashion Week

Asian Fashion week is a prestigious fashion show held in GTA since 2009. Salkreation created a fusion design that layered Asian style with the west. The result was an elegant, easy to navigate website that helped generate awareness and registrations for the event. Site currently offline [learn_more caption="Applied Services"] HTML / CSS Jquery QA [/learn_more]

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